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B.F.: ceramics, gifts and personalized favors since 1998
B.F. is an artisan company established in 1998 that produces rigorously hand-painted, unique and original ceramic crafts. The accuracy in every phase of the working, coupled with passion for art, renders every “creation” an exclusive work destined to acquire value in the time. The decorative style of our ceramics is distinguished by techniques which are consistent with the most antique ceramic traditions, in particular with the “Antico Savona” and “Bianco Blue” styles. Nevertheless, the company always keeps a careful eye towards the trends of the moment, in order to please “more modern” tastes with innovative decorations and custom creations. Moreover every object can be customized with your designs or crests, and can be enriched with architectonic elements of your country.
Our Production comprises a wide range of articles, varying in shapes, sizes and decorations, each of which is capable of adding decorative value and purpose within one’s house: our offer of products varies from gifts, to furnishing complements, to table set accessories.
The company is also specialized in the production of small objects which are usable as “souvenirs”, favours or as collector’s items.
Each article is signed with the company logo B.F., and with the letter A, which stands for Associazione Ceramisti Albisola (Albisola Ceramist Association), and is provided with a guarantee certificate to attest the product’s originality and craftsmanship.

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